RECENT work.


I believe data is king.

I believe in user first experiences driven by qualitative and quantitative data to create, iterate and innovate. 

I believe Buckminster Fuller's dymaxion car was 100 years too early. 

I believe Robert Moses really wasn't so bad.


You'll find me at the intersection of design, technology + urbanism.



I am a Brooklyn-based creative currently working with Doberman Design. Having worked at Intersection and Bloomberg LP, I am skilled with both strategy, design and development. I have a Master's Degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), specializing in UX/UI Design and full stack development.

Visually inclined with deep critical thinking skills, I strive to solve problems with whimsy and simplicity. My recent projects range from a Kanye West video game to an interactive kiosk for Hudson Yards.


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