Wikipedia Redesign


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Design a new front-end to wikipedia that makes the site inviting, explorable and delightful for someone who knows what they are looking for, but also wants to explore.



I began my redesign of wikipedia with data. I interviewed 5 friends, and observed 2 wikipedia users to see how they engage with the website. By understanding the user's system for navigating wikipedia, I could being redesigning. My research showed that people were often link driven, and visually inclined. Many expressed a desire to have a view  of the relation from the page they started on and how they got to the current page they were reading. This paired by research into encyclopedia design, allowed me to develop an overview of the system of wikipedia, to define user journey through the search.

I made the search very image heavy to entice the viewer to start their journey by appealing to them visually.  From there, wanted to provide a encyclopedia inspired webpage layout with a sunburst data visualization for top links. The sunburst data visualization, which expands to show the top viewed this on the current page, and the top clicked links on the that subsequent page. This method allows the user to have a quick glance into the larger network that the subject of the current page falls into. 




User Research

User Experience

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