Watching us watch ourselves




In partnership with Viacom + NYC Media Lab, Watching Us Watch Ourselves was a interactive experience on the surveillance state of Times Sqare. Working with two collaborators, our project was selected from over 40 other proposals. It was developed with intent to outrage Times Square users about data mining and surveillance. The project was an attempt to shock them out of their compliance by reminding them that their every move being recorded through metadata and an invisible footprint they leave every time they check their phones or log into their email. Developing the project for the Times Square space itself, we had a large eye superimposed over a live feed which then grabbed a security style image of their face, then that image went into an anonymous desktop folder on the billboard. Leaving the audience to question where their image and other information is going and who is using it.  


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Strategy + Ideation via Agile Process

Creation + design of assets using Adobe Creative Suite

Assisted with programming


Adobe AfterEffects