Wayfinding Chatbot



While working at Intersection I partnered with Vikash Deo to create a chatbot to help visitors find their way around the new Hudson Yards neighborhoods in NYC. The goal for the project was to assist not only with navigation and find near by points of interest but also to engage in conversable commerce with the user.


I created a UX strategy for a chatbot designed to help visitors navigate the space and find nearby amenities. We then built out the project, sharing responsibilities. Approaching the problem from a user first perspective, I crafted a survey, examined the space, pinpointed the problems and figured out a flow that would make the most amount of sense for an SMS based chatbot. I primarily dealt with the UX of the chatbot, natural language processing, machine learning and python aspects of the bot itself and help outline a strategy for the project.



To determine the best user experience conversation flow for the chatbot, I put together a user research survey.  Taking inspiration from Jakob Nielsen's research, I interviewed > 10 people and collected their feedback to craft a compelling user experience.



After conducting user research, I put together a conversation flow that would make sense for the users based on the research surveys I conducted.



UX Strategy + Design

Project Management

Python development

Natural Language Processing strategy + development


Python + Natural Language Processing libraries

 Google Cloud Platform

Yelp API