Counter app



Create a smartphone screen based version of  your counting device and create a prototype of it.






After reviewing my desktop counter, I revisited my initial idea. I focused on what my main concept was, a counter that was extremely simple and rewarding experience when one manually counted up or down. I wanted to keep it very sleek and minimal with my design. Instead of a flip clock inspiration, I focused more on the circular details of my box prototype from last week. I was inspired by cogs of a machine as well as the simplicity of the clock app on an iPhone. I intentionally did not allow for a lot of personalization because I wanted to keep it sleek and focus on the number itself, in relation to the number it is counting down or up from, since that is the whole purpose of this app.  I settled on the idea of two circles that the user rotates to count down. It provides rewarding feedback due to the stickiness of the numbers and the click as the numbers change. 




Adobe Illustrator